Bevo Bronze-3 Race Rated Chrome Bearings

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  • Race Rated Chrome Bearings
  • Chrome Steel increases bearing life
  • DEEP Groove Channel
  • Maximum Performance

Bevo Bronze-3 Race Rated Chrome Bearings are engineered and manufactured to surpass the quality of standard bearings. Only Chrome Steel races and retainers are used in the manufacturing of Bevoâ„¢ Bearings. The quality and characteristics of Chrome Steel not only dramatically increases the life of your bearings, it also assures maximum performance resulting in a faster smoother ride. Our custom DEEP Groove Channel stabilizes the roll, reducing vibration and roll resistance. Only self channeling synthetic lubricants are used in Bevoâ„¢ bearings. You can rest assured when riding on genuine Bevoâ„¢ Gold or Silver rated bearings, you will maximize your performance.